21 Days of Prayer

Use these themes and prayers as a way to ignite your prayer life and seek God’s favor during this Easter season.

Sunday, 3.29.15


When Jesus entered Jerusalem for the last time, many recognized Him as the prophesied King and so they laid palm branches and sang songs of praise to Him. We have even more reason to lift our voice, because He not only has come, but He has conquered!

I cannot keep silent, Lord! If I don’t sing, the rocks will cry out in my place! You are so worthy of our worship. There is no one like You, no one so deserving of our devotion and praise. I sing today of your greatness, your beauty and your power! Hosanna to the King!

Monday, 3.30.15


Churches all around the world regularly celebrate the meal Jesus’ last meal with His disciples. We take and eat bread as Jesus is the Bread of Life broken for us. We then drink juice drawn from crushed grapes, because His body was crushed for us. This simple remembrance represents the price Jesus paid so we could be forgiven.

Heavenly Father, The greatest demonstration of your love took place nearly 2000 years ago on a lonely cross. It was there where Jesus’ body was broken and blood was shed for us. I praise You for the precious gift of your Son and I seek to honor him with my life.

Tuesday, 3.31.15


At their last meal together, Jesus took a towel and a basin of water and washed His disciples’ feet. He then told them that they were to love one another in the same way. When we choose to follow Jesus, we choose to be a servant like Jesus.

Dear God, I want to love people like Jesus. I want to be a better servant. Beginning in my own home, help me to serve those that you have placed close to me….And may I go even beyond my home to people around me, even strangers that I encounter. Help me to find practical ways in which I can serve their needs.

Wednesday, 4.1.15

Day 18 DENIAL:

After Jesus was arrested, someone asked Peter if he was a friend of Jesus. Fearful of what it may cost him, Peter said, “I don’t know the man.” Like Peter, we’re often tempted to deny our relationship with Christ because of the fear of rejection.

Forgive me, Lord, for the times I’ve been hesitant to talk about you or make a stand for you because of my fear of how others will respond. I ask for your strength to be unashamed of my faith and faithful to You, because you took a stand for me.

Thursday, 4.2.15


On the cross, Jesus was rebuked by the onlookers who shouted blasphemies. In an amazing display of grace, He asked the heavenly Father to forgive them, because they didn’t really understand what they were doing. This is a good time for us to demonstrate the same kind of grace to those who’ve wronged us.

Father, there are people in my life who have hurt me badly. Their words have cut my heart and their conduct has bruised my soul. Yet I too want to be like Jesus in responding not with anger or retribution, but grace. So I ask today, ‘Father, please forgive ____________. Their issue is not with me, but with you. And I pray they can know You as their Savior and Lord.’

Friday, 4.3.15


We call the darkest day in Jesus’ life Good Friday. Seems odd, doesn’t it? Jesus dying on the cross…that’s good? Absolutely! It is what the Bible calls the Good News—that Jesus loved us so much He took our place in dying for our sins!

Lord Jesus, I will never fathom the love you displayed when you went to the cross for me. I am forever indebted to you and am willingly enslaved to your love. It’s your love that inspires me to give myself fully to you and your cause. Help me to share your love with someone today.

Saturday, 4.4.15

Day 21 HE’S ALIVE!

The enduring message of Easter is that death lost its grip on Jesus, and is no longer something to fear for those who trust in Him!

My King! I praise You for removing the fear of death and judgment for sin! I believe that You won the victory in your death and resurrection, and because I have declared you my Lord, I, too, share in victory. Jesus, not only are you alive, but indeed, you have brought me to life, too!