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Why Family Discipleship

12-3-17 – Family Discipleship Pastor Sam Silveous takes a break from the book of Ephesians and talks about a key thing many of us start to think about even more than usual this time of year – Family. Family is key to growth, and that goes both in the home and at church.

Ephesians: His Artistic Expression

11-26-17 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde gets to the last verse of Ephesians Chapter 2 this week, and we only focus on that verse. It is a powerful one that many of us need to be reminded of. We need to be aware of the wonder and awe that is behind our being and making,…

Ephesians: 100% God

11-19-17 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde reminds us that as much as we like to be able to accomplish things by ourselves, there are many things that are beyond our reach. This is is especially true when it comes to things of God and the power and knowledge that he possesses.

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