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The Lord’s Prayer: Clearing Accounts

7-9-17 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde does a gut check looking into forgiveness. It’s not just about what Jesus did to forgive us, but what we do in the area of forgiving others. The Golden Rule is in place here in a way that many of us find hard to handle. But Darrin goes through…

The Lord’s Prayer: It’s Okay to Ask

7-2-17 – Senior Pastor Darrin asks about asking. So often it can be easy to go to God when we have things that we need, even things we want. But are we going about it with the right mindset and heart?

The Lord’s Prayer: Seek His Royal Agenda

6-25-17 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde takes us from the visiting the seat of the Father that we were at last week to seeing his expansive Kingdom and what his Lordship and Kinghood mean for us.

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