Middle School (5-8th Grade)

Pikes Peak Christian Church’s Middle School Ministry, is committed to helping your  fifth through eighth graders deal with all of the changes and challenges that occur during the middle school years.

Through the weekend service, small groups, special events, leadership opportunities, serving opportunities, and more, our Middle School Ministry is ready to help your son or daughter face the middle school years head on—with Jesus at the center of it all.Middle School


Middle School FUEL is for all students in 5th-8th grade & takes place Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:35am in the NextGen Worship Center. msFUEL is designed to fuel and re-fuel a student’s passion for Christ each week so that they can go into their schools and shine the light of Christ to all they come in contact with.  This will primarily take place by building relationships with other students and caring adults through small groups.  Each week our students are broken up into gender and grade specific small groups (5/6th grade & 7/8th grade) Doors open at 8:45am and students are welcome to hang out until as late as 10:50am.

Why only at 9:15? What does my middle schooler do at 11:00?

For more information on what our middle school students are learning and for follow up questions to use at home click here.


Small Groups

Recently we changed the way we do small groups and our hope is for every student to be involved.  We are now using a closed small group model.  What this means is the goal is to have 1 or 2 consistent adults with the same 4-7 students each week.  In order for students to be a part of one of these small groups it will require a higher level of consistency, commitment, and communication between students and small group leaders.

Our ultimate goal is better opportunities for discipleship.  In the past students have floated in and out of small groups as they were here and sometimes even switched small groups depending on what friends were here.  That did not create a safe place for authentic conversation to take place.

For those students that cannot commit to being a part of a closed small group they will join our open group which will be larger with less opportunities for depth in conversation.  Our goal is for every student to join a closed group.  There are a few things they will need to commit to in order to be in a closed group:

  1. I agree to invest in relationships with the leader(s) and the other students in the group.
  2. I agree to create a safe place by keeping things said in the group confidential
  3. I agree to be consistent and committed to my small group.
  4. I agree to be present whenever possible and attend small group most of the time
  5. I agree to communicate with my leader when I will not be there
  6. I agree to being willing to respect others, listen, learn, and engage in small group conversation
  7. I agree to be mature enough to actively participate in a closed small group

In order to sign up for one of these groups please go to: