There are 2 ways to setup a payment plan for one of our student ministry events:

  1. Set up a recurring payment through our app or CCB.
  2. Write several post-dated checks and turn them in.

Instructions for setting up a recurring payment through CCB:

1) The Easier Way (first payment must be paid at time of setup):

1. Download the Pikes Peak Christian Church App on your smart phone or tablet

2. Open the App and Select “Giving”:


3. Select “recurring”

4. Select frequency and number of times (if total payment is $110 then make 4 payments of $27.50 per month or week).

5. Make Sure to select “Scholarships

6. Fill out your info. and click process.


7. You will receive an email that looks like this. Forward it to Dustin at and let him know which student and which event it is for.



2) The more complicated way (first payment can be scheduled for a future date)

1. Login to CCB by clicking here (if you’ve never logged in then click here to Sign up.)

2. Once Signed in Click on your name in the upper right corner and select “Profile”


3. Click the “Financial” Tab, then click “Give”


4. Select “Repeating Gift” then select “Scholarships”.  Select the amount, frequency, and number of payments.

5. Select Payment Type (checking is preferred but not required) and fill out payment information.

6. Once payment has been made you will see a confirmation box. Copy/Paste Confirmation and send it to Dustin at with student’s name and event.  You will receive an email receipt once your first payment has been made.