We raised over $3,300 to go toward providing around 300 people with vocational training in the slums of India through the local church. The more we raise the bigger the impact. You can still give online at www.ppcc.church/project.  If you didn’t finish the 30 Days of devotions (or start) it’s not too late, keep at it to allow God to change your heart. If you did then find a new devotion/reading to jump into so God can continue what he started.

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You’re spending yourself constantly… Your money, your time, and your energy. This 30 day interactive journey through Scripture will challenge you to spend yourself the way God calls us to as believers. Through true stories, honest questions, inspiring videos and daily empathy challenges, you will grow in compassion and in your knowledge of social justice issues. Most importantly, you will become more like our God, who spent Himself for us.

Join our student ministry as we embark on the 30 Days of Heartwork Campaign Oct. 1-30, 2015.  Each day there is a devotion for you to read as well as a video many of the days.  We are also going to challenge you to take one Empathy Challenge each week to get an idea of what much of the world experiences each day.  We encourage each student to buy one of the printed paper back devotional books but this is not necessary.  You can download a copy (and print it yourself) or read through it on YouVersion Bible Plans.

We strongly encourage you to join us for this 30 Days of Heartwork.  How powerful would it be to do devotions together as well as be challenged the same way your student is being challenged?  Download the Parent Guide or include your younger kids by downloading 30 Days of Heartwork for Kids.

Fundraising for a Project
During this 30 days we are challenging every participant to forgo some of their daily luxuries (expensive coffee, fast food, etc.) to raise money to eliminate poverty and make the name of Jesus known.  CLICK HERE to see the project we are raising money for and also share/donate.  We’re asking each student/family to step out in faith and consider donating at least $50 during the month of October.  What will you do to raise money? What will you give up to provide hope to the hopeless? Check out some of these Fundraising Ideas to get you started.


So now, Will you commit to 30 Days of diving into God’s Word, living differently, & raising money to help others?

If “Yes”, Download a copy of the commitment form to keep in a visible place to remind you.