Childcare may be available for some ministry events.  Event Childcare is different from Children’s Ministry. The focus is on keeping kids safe and entertained rather than on providing them with ministerial programing. Examples of event childcare include the care of children whose parents are attending or serving in a weekly Bible study or ministry event. Ministry programing for children has different goals and will not necessarily adhere to the guidelines in this policy.

1. Ratios

In order to maintain an orderly and safe environment we have elected to limit childcare to the ratios listed in the following table (ratios are based on state regulations for licensed facilities). These ratios may differ slightly from those used during our Sunday morning programming because childcare and ministry programing have different objectives.

Age of Children – Maximum Children per Adult

Infants (6wks – 12mo) – 3

Toddlers (up to 23mo) – 5

2yrs-4yrs – 6

5yrs-6yrs – 8

7yrs-8yrs – 10

9yrs-12yrs – 12

2. Snacks
Pikes Peak Christian Church will provide snacks for all events lasting 90 minutes or more. The snack (including gluten, and dairy free if required) will be provided after the first hour of care and every 90 minutes thereafter. Snacks will only be provided during the designated snack time. No personal snacks will be served in the nursery or in childcare rooms for children below 5 years of age. This is to reduce the chance of a child having an allergic reaction, and to alleviate the “But I want what he’s having” conflicts. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis for children with unique allergies or dietary needs. Please discuss exceptions with the Childcare Lead during your event or contact the NextGen Pastor.

3. Diapers
If your child is not yet potty trained, please provide diapers and wipes for them in a clearly marked bag (masking tape is available in the nursery to mark bags during drop-off). The church does stock a few diapers in varying sizes for emergencies but parents are expected to bring their own. Diaper changes will be conducted as needed and checked a minimum of every two hours. We are assuming that your child is arriving clean and dry. If that is not the case, let us know and we’ll be happy to change him or her upon arrival. Diaper checks and changes will be annotated on the check-in sheet.

4. Spare Clothing
It is a good idea to pack spare clothing for your child in case of accidents. The church does have a limited supply in the nursery for children up to size 2T, however if no change of clothing is available, we will ask you to return to the nursery to determine a course of action.

5. Schedule
When children are in the same environment for too long, they begin to dislike that environment and will have a difficult time learning anything in that environment. In order to prevent kids from learning to dislike church, childcare will not normally be available for events lasting more than 3 hours at a time. There are exceptions to this rule, when the ministry value outweighs the potential risk. Please contact the NextGen pastor to discuss potential exceptions.

6. Entertainment
During childcare, the primary forms of entertainment are the toys, books and games kept in the classrooms. Weather permitting, children two years of age and older may be taken to the playground for outdoor play. In addition, Christian-themed videos may be used for entertainment of children 2yrs and older, for events scheduled to last three hours or more, for up to 20% of the child’s total time in childcare. Videos will not be used for children under two years of age or during events lasting less than three hours. This translates to approximately one 30 minute show during a three hour event.

7. Check-In
In order to ensure the security of our children, parents will be required to check kids in via our computerized system. This will print a name tag for the child and security tag for the parent/guardian. The security number will be used to ensure your child leaves with you. If you loose your security tag, please see the Childcare Lead at your event. We would also prefer you use the automated text message feature of our check-in system. This will allow us to page you via text message in the event we need you to return to the childcare area early. For help setting this up, please contact the Childcare Lead at your event.

8. Billing
Childcare expenses are billed to the ministry hosting your event. Ministries may charge participants a small fee to cover these costs. In those cases, payments must be made directly to the hosting ministry.
Childcare workers cannot accept payment in any form. Please contact your ministry leader for billing questions or concerns.

9. Feedback
We strive to provide you with quality, worry-free childcare. Let us know if we’re achieving that goal by filling out a feedback form.  Feedback will be reviewed by the Childcare Lead or the NextGen pastor and addressed in a timely manner.

Contact Information:

Samuel Silveous | NextGen Pastor | (719) 392-9061 x125 |