Why NextGen Matters

In NextGen at PPCC, our desire is to see every kid enter into an active relationship with Jesus that lasts through college and beyond. The statistics are not in our favor. Even conservative estimates show that around 50% of kids who attend church regularly will abandon their faith after high school.

That’s why we’ve designed every environment from High School down to the Nursery with strategies proven to give kids the best chance of believing three core truths:

  1.  There is a really big God that they can trust no matter what.
  2. God wants to have a relationship with them.
  3. God’s plans for their lives are better than anything they could imagine.

Imagine what could happen if your elementary student really believed that they can trust God no matter what.  What would it look like if your Middle Schooler was convinced that the God of the universe truly loved them and wanted to have a relationship with them?  And how amazing would it be to see your High Schooler absolutely convinced that God has a phenomenal plan for their life?

We believe it’s possible. But it requires the Church and parents work together as one team. You are the best chance your kid has of believing those things.  But you don’t have to do it alone.  We want to help you be the best parent your kid(s) could have.  That’s why we’ve put together a collection of tools to help you.  Check those out at yes2God.org/NextGen/engage.

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