Joni Morse was born on October 8, 1949, in the Rawang village of Tariwanggong, North Burma, just two weeks after his parents fled into Burma as a result of the Communist takeover in China. The Rawang gave him the name Tonglechit Pong, which means “First Son Born On Saltlick Pass). During the period from 1921–1949, Joni’s grandparents (J. Russell & Gertrude), and his parents (Robert & Betty), had established an extensive mission work among the Lisu people of western Yunnan. Joni’s father Robert, who himself was born in Tibet in 1923, grew up not only speaking, but also reading and writing both Chinese and Tibetan.

Joni spent his childhood to teenage years growing up in northern Burma where his family was instrumental in bringing about a people movement to Christ among the Rawang and Lisu people. At the end of 1965, the Morse family had to again leave their work when the Burmese military government ordered them out of the country. Their attempt to get out through India turned into a seven year wilderness experience in which they learned how to live off the jungle. Their story was first written up by Reader’s Digest. It was later published as a book entitled, “Exodus to A Hidden Valley.”

Nangsar Sarip was born on February 25, 1957, in the village of Mulashidi, North Burma. Her parents (Sarip Jung & Pungya Nang) were both first generation Rawang Christians. Nangsar’s father worked closely with Joni’s grandfather who introduced over fifty varieties of citrus trees to North Burma to improve the health of the people. Nangsar’s father was also a fulltime elementary teacher in the mission school.

Joni and Nangsar have been ministering in Thailand since 1975. As missionaries sent out by a network of supporting churches in the USA, they are involved in a multi-pronged ministry, which attempts to find balance between the demands of church planting, village development, Bible training/translation work, and strengthening believers in their faith. Joni and Nangsar received their theological training at Pacific Christian College, and Fuller Theological Seminary, both based in California, USA. Joni and Nangsar have four children whose names and ages are, Anthony 31, Rebecca 27, Benjamin 23, and Katherine 16.

Central Asia

PPCC supports a couple that works with Youth With A Mission in a Muslim country in Central Asia. The couple were born and raised Muslim, and later became followers of Jesus.  They are involved in running YWAM discipleship programs, a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) and providing leadership to a house church movement. For security reason their names and location can not be shared here.