Ben Alexander – Exposing Satan’s Power

national-outreachEXPOSING SATAN’S POWER is a Christian ministry dedicated to exposing the powers of Satan through the truth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. ESP is led by evangelist Ben Alexander, a former spiritualist medium who came face to face with the demons of the Prince of Darkness. Only through the Word of God was Ben able to be rescued from a “fate worse than death”. Ben now travels the globe teaching about the evils of the sprit world by sharing what it’s like to encounter Satanic demons first hand. By exposing Satan’s power and at the same time teaching the love of God, Ben has brought thousands to Christ with his message.

Camp Como

In 1963, Colorado Christian Service Camp Corporation, also known as Camp Como, purchased the Rocking R Ranch and established a Christian youth ministry. Today the camp offers summer residential camps, off-site adventure camps and year-round retreat facilities. Located only 45 minutes from Breckenridge and Summit County, Camp Como is convenient for ski groups.

Camp Como is also steeped in Colorado history. The original ranch house is built from logs cut in 1886 and is available today for resident camper lodging. We call it “The Homestead” cabin. In the 1840s, Kit Carson trapped beaver in the Tarryall River basin located behind the camp. A few years later, in that same river basin, many gold and silver mines were established. The town of Como, one mile below camp, was an important narrow-gauge rail center during mining boom days.