bamfcmBusiness As Missions (BAM) and The Foundations for Counseling Ministry School (FCM)

Mark and Å sa have each served with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) since 1983.  Mark grew up in Albany, New York, while Å sa in Vassa Finland.  They met in 1986 while serving with YWAM in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and were married in 1987.  While serving in Amsterdam they spent seven years serving with the Global Outreach Teams, a short term evangelism ministry that traveled throughout Europe and Eastern Europe.  In their final five years there Mark led the Homefront effort for a project that planted churches throughout Siberia (Russia), while coordinating several medical projects into those same cities.

In 1997 they moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado to serve with YWAM Strategic Frontiers (YWAMSF). YWAMSF is focused on reaching the least reached people groups on the planet through church planting, while addressing the practical needs of the poor and those who are the victims of injustice. For 12 years Mark served as the Homefront Director for a work amongst Muslims in Central Asia.  Mark and Å sa have also staffed the Crossroads Discipleship Training School in recent years.  Today, Mark leads the Business as Mission team and is the school Director for the Business and Entrepreneurship Discipleship Training School (BEDTS) and Å sa is the school Director for the Foundations for Counseling Ministry school.  They have four children; Benjamin (24), Danielle (22), Amanda (20) and Hanna (14).

What is Business as Mission (BAM)?

Business as mission is a strategy for the specific purpose of the transformation of people and communities: spiritually, economically and socially – for the glory of God through a viable and sustainable business which has Kingdom of God values, purpose, perspective and impact. In BAM, the business is the ministry. You can read more about BAM by visiting the web site below.

What is the The Foundations for Counseling Ministry (FCM) school?

The Foundations for Counseling Ministry (FCM) is a 6-month course for DTS graduates looking to see transformational counseling principles applied to the lives of individuals and communities throughout the world.

Lecture Phase: The goal of the FCM is to give participants basic counseling skills and models. Topics include: Sexuality/Abuse & Justice Issues, Cross-Cultural Counseling, The Divine Plumbline, Family Dysfunction, Identity, Self Esteem/Reconciliation, Addictions, HIV/AIDS Counseling, Death & Grief, Renewing the Mind, Stress & Depression.

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