The Epic Story–Christ

10/4/15 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde takes a look and the central character of the Bible, Jesus, and what it is about him that is so significant.

The Epic Story–Covenant

9/20/15 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde talks about the importance of the promises of God and how we see them throughout scripture ultimately point to Jesus.

The Epic Story–Corruption

9/13/15–Special guest and former president of Hope International, Dr. LeRoy Lawson brings a fantastic message on the corruption of man during this third installment of the Epic Story Series.

The Epic Story–Creation

9/6/15–Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde begins the journey through the Epic Story of the Bible from the beginning; Creation. It is here we learn from where our identity originates and how we relate to God.

The Epic Story–Prologue

8/30/15–This is the introduction to our new series, “The Epic Story.” Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde talks about how the entire Bible points towards the person of Jesus Christ.

The Road Ahead Pt. 2

This week Pastor Darrin covers our last two Critical Success Factors: Strengthening Families and Impacting Community.

The Road Ahead Pt. 1

For the next two weeks, Pastor Darrin Ronde will take an in depth look at our four critical success factors. This week he covers “Connecting Seekers” and “Growing Believers.”