There’s A Place For You Here

At Pikes Peak Christian Church our mission is to help more people, more often say “yes” to God.  So we’re constantly developing and improving environments so that everyone can connect with God and other believers. Regardless of your story, stage of life, demographic or family makeup there’s a place for you here.  

Our corporate worship each Sunday is designed to help you hear from God and respond to what He is saying to you. But the Sunday morning experience is only the starting point.  We know that we all need deeper connections with each other and more intimate environments in order to really connect with God and be the body of believers Christ intended. Check out all the opportunities to connect in a deeper way below.


Newcomer’s Luncheon

The 1st Sunday of every other month at 11:00am we host a guest luncheon for individuals and families who are new to our church and looking to learn more about us. During the luncheon we’ll talk about who we are, what we believe, and how to start the process towards becoming a member. This is also a great opportunity to meet some of the leadership of the church. A light lunch is provided.  Space is limited, so be sure to sign up today. Sign up below or contact for more information.

Newcomer’s Luncheon Registration


Membership Class

We (usually) host a membership class on the 2nd and 3rd Sundays of (almost) every month at 11:00am for those interested in joining Pikes Peak Christian Church. We’ll talk about our mission, vision, and priorities as a church. If you’re thinking about making PPCC your church home, this is for you. You will discover some of the various ways to become connected with our community and learn about several opportunities to serve and bless others. Space is limited so please RSVP if your interested.  For more information or to register for this class, contact (719) 392-9061 or or fill out the Membership Class Registration form

Adult Ministries

We want adults to have great relationships with one another and places to grow closer to God, so we’ve built several environments to give everyone a place to connect and grow.  (We also have amazing environments for your kids and students and you can check those out at   For more information about adult ministries check out the links below, call the Family Discipleship Team at (719)392-9061 or email us at

  • Life Groups – Life Groups function as extended family. These groups are designed for families of all shapes and sizes to pursue God and relationship with each other. Life Groups meet in homes and do a bible based study together, but the primary focus is helping each other do life God’s way.
  • Bible Studies – Bible studies are groups of individuals or couples that meet for the express purpose of studying God’s Word together.  While relational connections are certainly made here, the emphasis is on the study of Scripture. Bible studies can be specific to men, women, mixed gender or couples. To see what’s available for mixed gender and couples check out the Bible Studies page. For gender specific studies check out the Men’s Ministry and Women’s Ministry pages.
  • Gender Specific Ministries – Men need other men, women need other women.  Our gender specific ministries consists of places to connect, environments to grow and opportunities to strengthen and encourage one another.  Check out our Men’s Ministry or Women’s Ministry pages for more information.
  • Senior’s Ministry – At PPCC our senior’s aren’t just finishing the race, they’re hitting their peak.  We want to help you continue to hear God’s voice, grow in the likeness of Christ and participate in His Kingdom building, making a significant investment into the next generation.

Special Focus Ministries

In different seasons of life we sometimes need to focus intently on a specific area.  These ministries are designed to help you do that.

ReEngage (Marriage Help)

ReEngage is for married or soon to be married couples.  This 18 week course focuses on learning to be the best spouse you can be and doing marriage God’s way.  ReEngage also provides couples with table leaders, trained to help them walk through the challenges of marriage and relationships with other couples in similar seasons of life.

The Care Center

The Care Center at PPCC offers counseling, food and financial assistance to those in need.  We’ve also designed an array of Well Care classes such as Divorce Care and Grief Share, designed to help you in the hardest seasons of life.  If you’re hurting, we care and we want to help.

Celebrate Recovery

C.R. is a biblical program that helps people overcome their hurts, habits, and hang-ups.  Based on the words of Jesus, C.R. helps people change through a personal relationship with Him.  C.R. isn’t just for people struggling with addiction or compulsive behaviors, it’s for anyone who wants a more intimate relationship with Jesus.

Financial Peace University

At PPCC, we care about your financial security and stability.  That’s why we’ve partnered with The Dave Ramsey Organization, to host Financial Peace University.  This 9 week course, based on biblical principles, will help you become debt free, prepare for the future and create a budget that let’s you take control of your money.