We envision a church that invites and welcomes people seeking God, guides them in their spiritual journey and firmly connects them to a Biblically functioning community, to God’s Word and to His work in the world. We see parents and children walking this journey with Christ together, fostering a multi-generational heritage of faith.

Our vision has 3 critical components:

Connecting Seekers

We all are seekers of one kind or another, seeking to fill a spiritual void in our hearts. Sadly, we look in too many unfulfilling places to fill that desire–money, possessions, pleasure, indulgence, thrill-seeking, you name it. God made our hearts for him, and we can only fill that emptiness by finding Jesus Christ and surrendering to His claims as Lord.  We then become attached to the local church  family where we can grow and become strong in our faith.

Growing Believers

Once we experience what Jesus called being “born again,” we have to keep growing! The Bible is like spiritual food for our souls, helping us to grow strong in our understanding of God and His directions for our lives. We want to know the Bible better and learn to live out its teachings in every area of our lives, becoming His servant and being active in expanding His Kingdom. (See our 4 L’s for the key stages of spiritual growth)

Strengthening Families

The hardest yet most rewarding place for our faith to have impact is in our homes. So many marriages and families are broken and floundering. God truly wants to build our families and will if we allow Him access to these relationships. We believe one of the greatest achievements of life is having parents, kids and grandparents all sharing a common faith and spiritually heritage.