The Lord’s Prayer: Seek His Royal Agenda

6-25-17 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde takes us from the visiting the seat of the Father that we were at last week to seeing his expansive Kingdom and what his Lordship and Kinghood mean for us.

The Lord’s Prayer: Our Father in Heaven

6-18-17 – Worship Pastor Matt Ross brings us the message today by looking at the first portion of the Lord’s Prayer, speaking on Our Father in Heaven, a great Father’s Day message indeed!

The Lord’s Prayer: An Invitation to Intimacy

6-11-17 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde intros our summer series by talking about talking. Prayer. What is it good for? Absolutely everything…as long as you go about it the right way. This is what we touch on this week and will go into more depths in weeks to come.

Safe Haven: Naked and Unafraid

6-4-17 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde wants your home to be the safest place it can be, and many times it is going to start and end with you. With this last message of our Safe Haven series, Darrin brings it to the people that hold the most weight in a family: the mom and…