Missing: Missing Out

7-31-16 – NextGen Pastor Sam Silveous continues through our Missing series by talking about spiritual gifts and their significance and what they mean for each of us.

Missing: Missing You

7-24-16 – NextGen Pastor Sam Silveous continues through our series by talking about a big piece what is essential to the body of Christ, You!

Missing: Missing It

7-17-16 – NextGen Pastor Sam Silveous kicks off a new series talking about the things in our life that are missing. This first sermon goes into those times that we feel like no matter how good your life is, there is something that you feel is missing from it. What is the answer to that…

The Voice: God Says I Can

7-3-16 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde wraps up The Voice sermon series by speaking on being able to listen to the voice of God telling us what we can and should do in the face of Satan telling what we can’t and shouldn’t do. What can you do? With God “I can do all things…