Life in the Son: Best Decisions Ever

2-28-16 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde closes off the series of Ecclesiastes by quickly summing up the previous weeks and looking at what this book and our lives finally lead up to in the end.

Life in the Son: One Thing Worth Pursuing

2-21-16 – NextGen Pastor Sam Silveous elaborates on God’s intent for true success which is found is seeking wisdom – the one thing that the author of Ecclesiastes finally says is not meaningless.

Life in the Son: Bucket List

2-14-16 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde takes us through chapter 9 of Ecclesiastes, looking at marriage, life, and ultimately death and what our lives build to when we ‘kick the bucket’.

Life in the Son: Game On!

2-7-16 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde brings a challenge to consider how we get ready for worship and makes one check what our worship involves, both the action and what/who it is towards.

Life in the Son: Buddy System

1-31-16 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde takes Ecclesiastes chapter 4, along with our Family Worship Weekend, and brings a message about the joy and importance of friends and even what that means for your faith.