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Got Questions? : Part 1 Who needs Church?

Got Questions? Part 1: Who Needs Church? Jesus established the Church to _______________________! How the Church Helps Me 1. Tells me that I’m _____________ to God. Psalm 139:13-16; John 3:16 2. Teaches me the __________ about life. 1 Timothy 3:15 3. Shows me what ____________ is. Romans 5:6; Ephesians 2:8-9 4. Challenges me to _________________________….


Growing Up: Deep Relationships

We need friends, and church is the best place to make friends. Unfortunately, many are part of a crow, but find themselves to be terribly lonely. We hunger for deep relationships, bu we don’t know how to find or form them. You may day that you don’t need friends, but you do. Jesus Himself had…


Growing Up: Faith in every Circumstance

Part 6:Faith in every Circumstance Romans 8: 1-39 The Word of God is a believer’s insight to the personality of God. It is how we learn His likes and His dislikes, what pleases His heart, and what makes Him angry. It shows us how He feels about us, and how He is going to operate…

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