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Exiles: Step Up

9-25-16 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde ventures further in our ‘land of exile’ with Daniel and the parallels to our culture, looking at being in a place we may not like but are put there by God. Sometimes God has plans for us that we won’t know about until the right time, we see this…


Exiles: Stand Out

9-18-16 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde begins a new series in the book of Daniel. This is a series that will draw parallels between the Israelites in Babylon and us in our current settings/culture. We start the series at the beginning, chapter 1, looking at Daniel and some of his friends and how they reacted…

For Crying Out Loud Title

For Crying Out Loud!: Pray Hungrily

9-11-16 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde unpacks instructions on the ‘How To’ and purpose behind fasting as he finishes his series on prayer.

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