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Safe Haven: What Matters Most

5-21-17 – Family Discipleship Pastor Sam Silveous discusses pinnacle things for our households and what we should do in our family walls when it comes to loving God and loving others. Those are the two biggest things Jesus emphasized, so how is it we can do that with those closest to us?

Safe Haven: Your Story Matters

5-14-17 – Family Discipleship Pastor Sam Silveous brings to life the story of Ruth, tying in the ideas seen in that book of the Bible and how it relates to our families. Even with it being in the Old Testament, there is some amazing imagery of Jesus that can be seen there. The story of…

Safe Haven: Be a Safe Person

5-7-17 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde brings in the summer with our new family series. Based off of the book ‘Safe House’, this sermon and the ones to follow will help with brining families together in a safe and Godly way. We want our families to be safe and cared for, whether it’s our children,…

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