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Ephesians: From Grace to Growth

10-15-17 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde talks growth. There are many different veins of thought when it comes to what the word ‘Growth’ means in the Christian arena. So does the Bible say anything about it?

Ephesians: In Christ

10-8-17 – Family Pastor Sam Silveous takes us through what we have looked at in a broader scope and looks at the commonality in the words Paul choose in chapter 1 of Ephesians.

Ephesians: Blessed Through the Spirit

10-1-17 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde reaches the half way point of Ephesians chapter one this week, speaking on the key role that the Holy Spirit plays in the Christian faith. So often He is a person that can be forgotten, but when it comes to a full Christian walk, he is far from someone…

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