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Reimagine Worship: In Pain and Suffering

4-24-16 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde approaches this painful topic by admitting that in some instances there are no right words to say to someone, yet even in the midst of those horrible times it helps to have some kind of assurance. Can we really bring praise to God during the rough times? This is…


Reimagine Worship: Corporate and Private

4-17-16 – What does true worship look like? Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde takes us into personal examination of how sometimes our learned forms of worship can hinder God’s desire for us to worship in Spirit and in truth.


Reimagine Worship: On the Job

4-10-16 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde continues the topic of continuous worship in our lives, this week bringing it outside of the home and into where we spend much of our waking hours: at work. How can we bring glory to God through our hands?

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