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Delighting God: Part 2 Accept His Plan

Salvation didn’t happen by chance. Your existence didn’t happen by chance. God has a plan for everyone. Why not choose the plan that He has for us? God’s plan is far better than any plan that we could have for ourselves, and it’ starts with that first step with accepting Him into our lives and…

Delighting God: Close Companionship

Did you know that you can please God? Yes you! Right now! It’s easier than you think! God is not some distant God, who spends His entire time judging you and finding wrong in you. He has made a way for you to find,live in, and do what pleases Him. Find out what pleases God…


Losing Your Marbles part 6: Fun!

Life in Christ can be fun. Don’t spend so much time telling your kids no to what they can’t do, but yes to the things they can do that bring real joy and relationship.

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